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The exotic hardwoods and butcher block construction make it naturally resilient and perfect for heavy duty, everyday use. It's beautiful enough to go straight from the kitchen to the dining table. They’re simply finished in mineral oil, so you can feel comfortable knowing your bread is only coming in contact with safe, natural materials.

The wood used in our cutting boards is harvested from forests which Whole Forest has taken out of the direct path of deforestation. Your purchase helps prevent deforestation and makes the long-term conservation of these threatened forest possible. Purchasing the full set of boards prevents 1 ton of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to 15% of the average American's annual carbon footprint.


Dimensions: 16" x 7" x .75"

Finish: Mineral oil

Carbon Value: One set of cutting boards ≈ 1 ton of CO2 prevented from entering the atmosphere

Source: Mixed tropical hardwoods from Chocó Rainforest in Ecuador, protected and sustainably managed by Whole Forest

Made in Ecuador, finished in Pennsylvania. 


Our products get their distinct aesthetic by utilizing dozens of tropical species sourced from the Ecuadorian rainforests that we sustainably manage. In order to ensure the full diversity of the forest, we cannot harvest trees based on their species, meaning the availability for individual species is constantly in flux. This means that every board is completely unique. By purchasing products made from the whole forest, we can guarantee the future of the whole forest.

To learn more about these woods, visit our Materials page.