Why do our products look the way they do?

Typically, the building market only demands a few highly valuable, "well branded" wood species. Once all of those species have been harvested from a forest, the forest no longer has any financial value to the land owners. In order to continue to make a living, the landowners must clear-cut the land to repurpose it for cattle grazing or agriculture.

Whole Forest creates a powerful incentive for locals near the Chocó Forest to conserve their forest by raising the value of the entire ecosystem. In order to ensure the full diversity of the forest, we cannot harvest trees based on the species. Our products get their distinctive aesthetic by utilizing 30 to 50 tropical species. To be able to deliver a consistent product, we've created a variety of color mixes and patterns. Whole Forest's products are completely one-of-a-kind, and the colors you see in photographs will vary. We'll work with you to create the perfect product for your space because we truly believe every species has a unique value in it's beauty and performance.

By selling products made from the whole forest, we can guarantee the future of the whole forest.