What Does "Carbon-Negative" Mean?

The wood we harvest intrinsically represents the carbon value of the forest that we were able to protect. Though long-term conservation, Whole Forest prevents massive amounts of carbon from entering the atmosphere. Each purchase allows Whole Forest to expand its area of conservation. We quantify the tons of carbon that a purchase has helped us preserve. When you purchase a product from us, you’re helping prevent carbon emissions, which reduces your carbon footprint and lowers the embodied energy of your design project.

What’s “embodied energy”? Buildings account for 40% of global carbon emissions. The “Green” sector of the building industry, estimated as 15% of the US market, is mainly focused on reducing carbon emissions by reducing the operational energy of a building. Operational energy includes heating, cooling, and electrical. However, another large source of emissions is from the mining, manufacturing materials, transporting materials, and construction. This is embodied energy.

Once a building is built, you can’t change the embodied energy, which can be more than 10x the annual operational energy. Designers that source from Whole Forest offset a large part of the embodied energy in their project. In alliance with the Paris Climate Agreement, leaders in the green building industry have started to stress the necessity for lowering the embodied energy of buildings, in addition to its operational energy.

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