Whole Forest’s environment-first business model aims to keep the Chocó forest — one of Ecuador’s last remaining coastal rainforests — intact. By bringing together sustainable forestry, community partners, and conscious consumers, Whole Forest is able to protect the Chocó forest from clearcutting & illegal logging, while at the same time encouraging the financial health of surrounding communities.

Every purchase of a Whole Forest product enables us to continue our mission. Each and every Whole Forest product is carbon-negative, meaning that by simply purchasing from us, you are lowering your own carbon footprint.

We are strongly committed to the highest environmental and human rights standards. Together, we can save our rainforests from extinction.

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Dear Friends,

The name "Whole Forest" is a symbol of our respect for the forest, its people, our products, and our clients. This is reflected in our considerate and holistic approach to everything we do. Explore our Mission Breakdown to see how we "walk the walk".

As a consumer, you have the power to slow the climate collapse, simply by purchasing products that perpetuate rainforest conservation. We are deeply grateful for your support.


Peter Pinchot, Founder & CEO