Table Sample Box
Table Sample Box
Table Sample Box

Table Sample Box

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This sample box includes a product catalog and all of the available color mixes fit for residential and commercial table tops. Due to the nature of the Whole Forest material, every sample contains different species of wood. The same mix of colors are included in every product, unless otherwise specified, so we can guarantee that the sample you receive reflects the aesthetic of the product you purchase. 

Sample dimensions: 5.5" x 4.5" x .75"

The sample box includes the following styles:

  • Jungle (all the woods in a random pattern with a natural finish)
  • Animé (all the cool toned woods with a light natural finish)
  • Azufre (all the warm toned woods with a light natural finish)
  • Vera Negra (all the cool toned woods with a dark natural finish)
  • Rosita (all the warm toned woods with a dark natural finish)