New Product Launch at 2018 AIA Conference on Architecture

On June 21 and 22, Whole Forest introduced our new line of hardwood surfaces at the American Institute of Architects' annual convention held at the Javits Center in New York. With over 20,000 attendees at the conference, Whole Forest showcased our new offering of butcher block countertops, tables, wall panels, and hardwood flooring made from sustainably harvested timber in Ecuador. We want to thank everyone who visited our booth; your feedback was invaluable. 

The debut of our new product line followed a year of intensive prototyping of a new design strategy driven by our conservation mission. Whole Forest incorporates dozens of colorful tropical hardwood species in each product. Our flooring, tables, and butcher block countertops are available both in the natural hardwood colors, as in the table to the left, and with stains that create a variety of rich tones, as seen in the floor.

We had the opportunity to talk to over 100 architects, designers, builders and homeowners. What we learned is that the mixed species hardwood palette we are developing fits well with the emerging trend of reintroducing colorful wood designs into interior spaces. People are hungry for an emotional connection to nature, which these hardwoods have tapped into. 

We heard from many people that our sustainability impact resonates deeply with the concerns that people have about climate change. We also learned that architects were intrigued by the opportunity to gain a carbon offset for their projects, based on slowing down deforestation and thereby keeping millions of tons of carbon in conserved rainforests. 

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