Table Samples
Table Samples

Table Samples

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Not convinced that a Whole Forest product is the right fit for your project? This sample box includes a product catalog and all of the available color mixes fit for residential and commercial table tops. 

Sample dimensions: 4.5" x 3.5" x .75"

The sample box includes the following styles:

  • Jungle (all the woods in a random pattern with a natural finish)
  • Canopy (all the woods in a light-to-dark gradation with a natural finish)
  • Animé (all the cool toned woods with a light natural finish)
  • Azufre (all the warm toned woods with a light natural finish)
  • Vera Negra (all the cool toned woods with a dark natural finish)
  • Rosita (all the warm toned woods with a dark natural finish)